Hello and Welcome!


As we enter the year 2017, we at Mt. Hope Fabrics & Gift Shoppe are excited to present to you our brand new website. We believe many of you will welcome shopping from the comfort of your own home, and having your purchases delivered to your mailbox or porch in just a short time. How refreshing! When the roads are snowy and the children are ready for naps, you can shop in peace. No more juggling of children, loaded shopping bags, and carts through a snowy or slushy parking lot.  Why don’t you brew a fresh pot of coffee, find your favorite chair, and see what we have to offer?


We have long been entertaining the idea of expanding our business into the big, wide world of cyberspace. Having met some potential customers through the avenue of Facebook groups such as Fabrics Galore, Dress Swappers, and Homemade Mennonite Dress Ideas, we came to realize that there might be a need for not only fabric but all the sewing notions to accompany your fabric. We carry many other items and would invite you to visit us when you come to the heart of Ohio’s beautiful Amish Country. In the meantime, browse our website and see a portion of the many things we offer.


We would like to applaud Tiffany Reiff of Tiffany Reiff Designs for designing our website so beautifully. Tiffany was easy to work with and took the time we needed to explain how things work. Several times we ran into obstacles that left us all scratching our heads but working together we found solutions to our problems. If nothing else, we certainly gained a new respect for the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a website.


We also give much credit to our own Charity Yoder, whose photography skills come in very handy for this project. Her attention to detail will be a benefit to all of us. She will be quick to tell you that the tedious, day-by-day, photographing and editing of fabric, socks, and so much more, tends to become monotonous as well as tiring to mind and body. One thing that helps is a trip to the break room for some fresh coffee and a few chocolates given by one of our generous clients.


Take your time and browse around; you will be transported to a whole new world of shopping!


We promise to do our very best to fulfill your orders in the quickest way possible. Be sure to sign up for future newsletters featuring products and possibly sales and other promotions.



Frieda Yoder for the whole crew at Mt. Hope Fabrics & Gift Shoppe LLC