Cookbooks and Such

One can never have too many cookbooks, right? If you are like me you enjoy owning lots of cookbooks. I must confess though that sometimes my allotted area overflows and I have to get rid of a few. Cookbooks make great gifts for new brides or most anyone else on your gift list.

Today I want to introduce three cookbooks. One is my personal favorite and back in stock, the second one is brand new and hot off the press, and the third one is a specialty cookbook dedicated to cheesecake and other fine delicacies.

Stutzman’s Culinary Secrets is a fitting name for a cookbook filled with so many valuable nuggets of information. I don’t know the Stutzman’s personally but I do know a few things about them. They have been in the catering business for 20+ years and seem to be in high demand. I was pleasantly surprised at all the large quantity recipes that are included in the cookbook. There’s also a section of menu ideas and many helpful tips which I assumed would be closely guarded secrets. Not so with the Stutzman’s! They have generously shared many secrets to make all of our lives a bit easier. If you enjoy cooking for crowds or even just your own family then this cookbook is for you. It’s also a great addition to a church kitchen.

A brand new cookbook that just arrived today is called Coon Dan Family Cupboard. If you live in a large Amish or Mennonite community you will understand the need to identify people with the addition of a colorful but kind nickname. Our minds will supply the rest. Surely Coon Dan was a coon hunter or trapper and his wife became an expert cook in order to satisfy his hunger after his excursions into the woods. Cindy Wengerd, married to Coon Dan’s grandson, is the author of this large, well organized cookbook. She tells me that many of their recipes call for items that most of us have in our pantries already. Spiral bound to lay flat and contains over 900 recipes.

Last but definitely not least, is The Art of Cheesecakes. What is more elegant than a lovely cheesecake at a tea party, church potluck, or other special occasion? In case you thought cheesecake baking is too hard for you, think again! Martha Glick has shared many tips and scrumptious cheesecake recipes with a full color picture for each one. The hardest part will be choosing which one to make. Surely these cheesecakes will turn out picture perfect! Also includes hot and cold beverage recipes. A great gift idea for the cook who needs one more special cookbook!

Ahh, spring! How it lifts our spirits! Wherever you are across the United States, springtime is in full glory or just around the corner! I spied a few perky daffodils blooming this morning. Alas, their cute noses might get nipped the next few nights with temperatures here in Ohio dipping quite low again. But it’s coming, oh it’s coming, Glorious Spring!

Until next time, God bless!