Hello friends,

This morning as I left the house I took a little detour past the flower beds and was excited to see a Lenten Rose bravely sporting several blooms. I’m sharing a picture below in case you wonder what a Lenten Rose is. What a cheery sight on this April morning here in Ohio where spring has been feeling more like winter. As beautiful as our late snowfalls have been, there’s something about a snowstorm in April that just doesn’t quite measure up to a nice, white blanket in December or January.

I have a feeling there’s many a winter-weary Mom who shares my sentiments. The flu bugs have been numerous and tough this season. And though my children wipe their own noses and clean up after themselves, my heart is with my daughters and the many other moms who are weary of wiping noses and rocking feverish little bodies. Jesus promised a reward for giving a cup of cold water to the little ones, and the reward for faithful service will make all weariness vanish away some glad day! Hang in there, moms!

The last year was very eventful in our personal lives. The biggest things we faced were my husband’s bishop ordination and the wedding of our daughter Charity. On top of that was my debilitating arthritic hip, which culminated in hip replacement surgery in February of this year. After two months of recovery I feel like I am almost back to normal, although I still have healing going on and some restrictions to my activity.

A song that has become so special to me is “Never Once” sung by Praise and Harmony Acapella on their newest album, Faithful God. The words are my testimony. “Never once did we ever walk alone, Never once did You leave us on our own, You are faithful, God, You are faithful.” Without God’s help, I shudder to think where I might be.

With these major things behind us we anticipate a more normal year. We hope to spend more time keeping the website updated with new fabric. It’s been exciting to see our orders growing and we especially appreciate the repeat orders that have been coming in.

A change we made to the website is removing numerous items that were slow in selling. We have also rearranged things in hopes of being more user-friendly. Instead of one drop-down tab for fabric we now have more fabric categories across the top. We welcome your constructive criticism.

A few of you have told us that you have trouble when checking out that your expiration date is not being accepted. We are working to resolve that issue although we are suspicious that it may be related more to the device you are using than an actual website issue. If you have problems, feel free to contact us, we can also take your orders over the phone if need be.

Until next time, be blessed!
Frieda, for the team at Mt. Hope Fabrics