Many of us Ohioans have been growing weary of the damp, gray rainy days. This morning we arose to a winter wonderland. Several inches of snow clinging to the trees and fences made for a picturesque sight indeed.

Today was an exciting day for me, the unveiling of an office make-over. Four years ago we gave the main area of the store a make-over in the form of tearing off lots and lots of stubborn wallpaper, painting the walls, changing the floor, and adding new shelves. Our efforts back then never quite reached into my office, and I have been staring at outdated wallpaper all these years.

Thanks to our ambitious employees, the old wallpaper was stripped off and everything was painted in two days’ time. Now it’s up to me to keep the clutter at a minimum; yellow sticky notes all over the walls were not included in the décor plans.

Today we received a shipment of Tropical Breeze Poly/Cotton fabric. Charity did a great job getting those all listed on the website, as well as a few new arrivals of knits, including the popular Liverpool knit. Be sure to check out all the fabrics. We hope to be adding more soon.

Coming up next will be hair accessories and zippers.

Thanks to all of you for your orders, and for your patience. A few of you had way high shipping prices showing, but that is fixed now and shouldn’t be happening again. We are hoping that we might be able to lower the shipping slightly.

Stay warm, everyone!